Ashmanhaugh & Barton Wanderers Cricket Club Information Regarding COVID-19

Wanderers remain committed to adhering to the guidelines presented to us by Her Majesties Government as well as by our governing bodies; the English Cricket Board (ECB) and the Norfolk Cricket Board (NCB).

Please see the file above for the latest information on the training, coaching and playing of cricket provided by the ECB on 26th March 2021.

In light of these newly presented guidelines we have updated our club policy on COVID-19 procedures. Please see below:

  • Upon your invitation to play in a team you are reminded that if you feel unwell or are displaying any symptoms please contact your manager and/or captain and do not attend the ground.
  • Players must come fully changed to play in their own and bring their own hand sanitiser.
  • Players are reminded that the pavilion remains closed and off limits other than in respect of first aid and/or emergencies.
  • Managers, Captains and Players must to ensure that social distancing is adhered to at all times.
  • Players are reminded to bring their own water bottles and food if they require it.
  • All attendees must sign in and provide a telephone number on arrival. This also applies to any drivers/spectators.
  • On the field of play slips and wicket keepers must be at least 1m apart at all times.
  • Batsman must run on opposite sides of the wicket maintaining a distance of 2m apart.
  • Umpires should not touch the ball at any time and should not take kit from players.
  • At the fall of a wicket the ball should be returned to the base of the stumps not the umpire whilst observing social distancing.
  • In the event of rain players should sit in their cars if possible and not form groups in the pavilion or the cars of others.
  • After every six overs the ball must be wiped and all players must sanitise their hands.
  • No sweat or saliva must be in contact with the ball.
  • Batsman should clean their bat on leaving the field of play.
  • A maximum of 30 participants including coaches and officials.
    One person can be in the score hut at any one time and should wipe down upon leaving.
  • At the end of the game any socialising must adhere to current government
    guidelines and is permitted with social distancing please see bar notice.